We established Island Peak Capital (“IPC”) to be unique and optimized in every way.  We are focused on building operating companies with top tier operational performance and optimum execution.  As large pools of capital have become increasingly commoditized, we seek to incubate and curate companies that will become future targets. Due to our experience as CEO for institutional capital and serving as Lead Investor, we have direct knowledge of what characteristics drive successful future investment and M&A opportunities. IPC will mentor management, implement IPC’s optimization approach, provide strategic and operational guidance, and deploy partner capital opportunistically. IPC seeks to partner with existing management and the company’s investors in situations where an IPC assisted pivot (Optimization Approach) can create transformational growth and enterprise value. 


Island Peak Capital is focused on applying its Optimization Methodology for future enterprise value creation.  Our focus centers around Reformed Growth companies. Reformed Growth companies are modest (0-10%) growth businesses that have yet to reach its full potential and values IPC’s expertise and unique engagement model of mentorship and investment.

The Optimization Process is supplementary to the traditional due diligence process.  The IPC process includes pre-close assessments (4 in total) that drive operational insights and a post-close development of an Optimization Plan (5 Key Areas of Focus) which is a management-led plan, mentored and guided by IPC.  This jointly developed plan is built on the operational foundation Island Peak Capital has created which is an aggregation of past success as operators and investors in the technology service sectors we have experience.

Reformed Growth

  • 0 – 10% Revenue Growth

  • $0 - $5 million in EBITDA

  • Recurring Revenue Model

  • Desire for liquidity

  • Management and investors recognize need for strategic assistance


We believe a flexible mandate and bespoke approach is often required to improve enterprise value. When existing stakeholders desire improved operational outcomes from strategic advice and operational mentoring from IPC, we will actively engage as mentors.

Time is our most valuable resource. Our mentorship engagements are focused and are limited in availability.


IPC Partner Capital

  • Mentorship engagement required

  • $100,000 to $1 million per transaction

  • Full alignment with existing investor timeline and deal structure

  • Patient, long-term oriented capital with flexible holding periods



  • Mentorship engagement required

  • Positive EBITDA

  • Recurring Revenue Model

  • Preferred access to institutional capital

  • Direct access to family office capital


The Island Peak Capital team has operational and investment experience in these particular sectors:

  • Financial Technology

    • Payment Processing

    • Fraud Prevention

    • Healthcare Payments and Transactions

    • Payment Security

    • Cross-Border Payments

  • Technology-Enabled Outsourced Services

    • Vertically Focused Software and Technology

      • Financial Services

      • Healthcare IT

    • Business Process Management

    • Human Capital Management

    • Enterprise Software